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Concert Project in Schools

The idea

The idea behind this project is that through familiarity with classical music comes a greater enjoyment. The project, therefore, incorporates listening to live performances with active music-making. The aim of the project is that students will experience making and performing music in a fun supportive environment and will also attend a concert of which the programme has been introduced during the series through hearing/playing extracts of the music or learning about the composers/works/performers/ideas etc. Therefore the music that they hear performed will no longer be a foreign entity but something of which they already have a certain knowledge and understanding.

The plan

  • Long-term projects (running for 6-12 weeks) going in to schools to run regular workshops (probably every week.)
  • Workshops lead to a final public performance (for family, friends etc.)
  • Workshop series also culminates in a trip to a classical concert.
  • The workshop series will be geared towards a theme (e.g. piece of music, composer, genre or more general idea) that is represented in the concert that students will be taken to at the end of the series.
  • Emphasis of workshops will be on building students’ performing and composing abilities in a fun atmosphere.
  • Workshops will also provide students with the opportunity to hear classical music performances through incorporation of regular live performances by workshops leaders/assistants. Performances will include brief spoken introductions about the music and instruments and where possible will link to the theme of the series.
  • Each project will be planned and adjusted to the particular age group/abilities of students as well as varied in theme depending on the concert chosen for trip.
  • In addition to normal requirements, workshop leaders/assistants will need to be confident to give a short performance. Good candidates for this may be conservatiore students or graduates.

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